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Shamanic Reiki

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I am a Reiki Master (Level III), and have been a practitioner since 2004.  My approach to Reiki combines the traditional Japanese method with  shamanic energy work.  This involves the use of sound, and various tools, which are utilized for a deeper healing experience.  Often times problems we see as major hindrances can be simple energy blockages in our energy field, or in our living space. 

Reiki is an energy healing modality with its origins in Japan.  It is said to be a healing art that was rediscovered in the 20th century, but goes back thousands of years to Kemet (Ancient Egypt/Afrika). Reiki involves using the palms to transfer bioelectric energy to various parts of the body and the energy field.  Reiki energy is not from the practitioner; the practitioner is merely a channel, or a conductor, for the universal energy. 


Reiki is best received in four separate sessions.  One session can be transformative.  Four sessions are optimal for solidifying the movement of the Reiki Energy through the body.  Reiki addresses imbalances of the Body, Mind, the Spirit, and helps to realign them.

I always find it beneficial to conduct Reiki Sessions in your home or personal space, not that they cannot be done at the office.  This allows us to approach the energy work Holistically.  The process of preparing your home for the work is healing in itself.  When I arrive we do a cleansing of your environment prior to the energy work session.

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