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Business Coffee Meeting
corporate employees stretching

Happy employees create a happy work environment.  A happy work environment creates a productive workplace.  People spend a majority of their time at work, and want to feel appreciated.  What percentage of your employees are happy?  

Your employees are my clients.  They are stressed out, suffering from chronic pain, they are over worked, and often chemically dependent, just to make it through the week.  

The modern employee seeks out these services, so why not bring it to them at the office?

Corporate Wellness Packages are designed to meet your specific needs.  You can utilize Wellness Services monthly or quarterly.  Wellness Packages are designed to last for a year, after which you can assess the effectiveness, and decide if you would like to continue.

corporate chair massage
happy corporate employees


-Chair Massage


-Body Mechanics


-Breathing Techniques

-Stress Management

-Employee Care Packages

corporate employees stretching
corporate employees meditating
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